The Dudley Street School is designed with one goal in mind: success for every child. Our innovative school breaks free from traditional school practices that have left too many urban students behind. 

We aim to graduate resilient, hard-working students who are proficient readers, writers, problem solvers, and thinkers. We have organized our school to ensure each individual student reaches these goals. 

Our unique approach includes: 

  • high academic expectations for all students.
  • a coherent instructional system that helps all adults work toward the same goals. 
  • individualized learning and flexible grouping so students get the support they need when they need it. 
  • more time for both students and adults to learn.
  • exceptional, committed teachers who collaborate to support every child. 
  • shared leadership that empowers all members of the community to contribute to better outcomes for our students.
  • a full suite of social and emotional programs provided by community partners. 
  • deep relationships and frequent communication with families. 
  • a friendly, safe, fun, and nurturing environment for everyone!