2014-2015 Student Achievement Goals

The following goals will be met through meeting our implementation priorities: implement coherent instructional system ● deepen family partnerships for student achievement ● implement a clear distributed leadership plan ● build strong student culture ● build strong adult culture.

100% of scholars in grades 1-3 will make a minimum of 3 STEPs of growth:

  • 90% of Grade 3 scholars reach STEP 12
  • 90% of Grade 2 scholars reach STEP 9
  • 90% of Grade 1 scholars reach STEP 6
  • 100% of K2 scholars reach STEP 3
  • 90% of K1 scholars reach STEP 1

90% of scholars (G1-G3) will demonstrate proficiency on three summative writing assessments (informational, narrative, and persuasive).

90% of scholars (G1-G3) will demonstrate mastery of standards assessed on math and literacy interim and EOY exams.

90% of scholars (K2-G3) will demonstrate proficiency on their grade-level capstone project.

90% of scholars will report a love of learning on MOY and EOY student climate survey.