2013-2014 School Year Results

  •  At the end of the 2014-15 school year, 62% of Dudley Street School students in Kindergarten and above were reading on grade level according to the University of Chicago’s STEP literacy assessment system. 55% of students were writing on grade level according to the Lucy Calkins rubric. 71% of all students met or exceeded growth targets for reading. Our oldest students completed second grade in June 2014. When they entered the school in September 2012 as first graders, just 14% were reading on grade level. At the end of third grade, 50% were reading proficient

  • One set of assessments we are using to measure students’ progress against grade-level goals is the BPS end-of-unit assessments. Over time, these tests measure different standards and so cannot be used to assess growth against a constant measure. However, we are seeing a pattern of increasingly higher scores as the year progresses. On the first end-of-unit assessment, just 49% of first graders, 25% of second graders, and 7% of third graders met the benchmark for Proficient/Advanced. On the final end-of-unit assessment, 66% of first graders, 49% of second graders, and 40% of third graders met the same benchmark. This means that over twice as many students scored Proficient/Advanced on the last assessment as on the first, and that approximately 52% of all students in first through third grade achieved grade-level mastery on the standards assessed by the final assessment.

  • Our attendance rate was 95% for the second year in a row (among the highest of BPS elementary schools)

Quotes from Parents:

“Everyone works together for the common good of the students to improve academic success. The staff have strong ties to the community and area organizations. They provide needed information to address issues and services the families might need.”

“[My child’s] teacher is a wonderful and caring teacher and always has the child's best interest at heart. She will stop at nothing to make sure the student has everything they need to be the best scholar they can be. The students' education is what she cares about. She is just truly amazing.”

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Report Card:

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