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  • The Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School opened its doors in September 2012, offering children an exceptional education right in the Dudley community.

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About Our School

Dudley Street LogoThe Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School was founded with the belief that excellent schools are a crucial part of strong, vibrant urban communities. Our school is a Horace Mann “in-district” charter school, part of the Boston Public Schools. We opened our doors in 2012 serving students in grades K1, K2, and first grade. In 2013, we expanded to include second grade; in future years, our school will grow to serve 325 students in grades K1-5.

Founded by BPE and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, the Dudley Street School is working with local partners to ensure all children in the Dudley neighborhood have access to a seamless, high-quality education.

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Dudley Street School Awarded $165,000 by BPI

The Dudley Street School was awarded $165,000 by the Boston Promise Initiative (BPI). BPI is part of the Promise Neighborhoods U.S. Department of Education initiative designed to improve student achievement by partnering families and schools with their local neighborhoods and institutions. The school was one of nine community and school-based partnerships in the Dudley neighborhood awarded grant funding through BPI. To learn more about the other grants awarded to improve the Dudley neighborhood, read the press release from BPI here.


Happy Birthday, BPE!

BPE is celebrating its 30th Anniversary year. From all scholars and teachers at DSNCS, happy birthday BPE! To learn more visit www.bpe.org/30.


Online Giving!

Please support the Dudley Street School in increasing our resources, and say "Thank You!" to the exceptional teachers and staff that keep our students safe, happy, and learning every day, and to the students and families that trust the Dudley Street School with their learning. Donate here.


Making It Happen

Two years ago, BPE helped launch the DSNCS, a new school with a big mission: to serve the full range of Boston students, bringing every child to proficiency in reading by the third grade. We are BPE's first Teaching Academy.



"Making It Happen" chronicles the Dudley Street School's first year, a year marked by impressive accomplishments (74% of students made at least a year of growth in reading) and great enthusiasm and dedication from staff, partners, families, and students.